Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a custom cake cost? 

Custom cakes vary in price based on a few different factors. The number of people the cake needs to feed and the art work that will go on the cake. Our swiss meringue buttercream iced cakes start at $5/slice plus an art charge based on the design. Fondant cakes start at $6/slice plus art charge and cupcakes start at $25/dozen plus art charge.

Why do custom cakes cost so much?

Our time, quality, and love that goes into every custom cake. Our cakes are all 100% made from scratch. Never anything from a can or box. From the initial consultation and discussion over design, mixing and baking the cakes, making all of the homemade fillings, cutting, filling, icing, and decorating. Plus all of the things in between like the structural support within the cake, cake boards, and boxes. From start to finish cakes can take between 3-12 hours or more depending on complexity to complete. 

When should I order my cake?

We require at least two weeks in advance for orders. Some weeks we do book up quickly so more time is always better to make sure we have availability! For wedding cake orders we suggest at least 3-6 months in advance.  

Do you deliver?

As of right now, we can only offer delivery on wedding cakes and specialty cakes three tiers or larger. Delivery is a flat fee of $50 to anywhere within 25 miles of the bakery. If the venue is beyond 25 miles, delivery will be $1/mile round trip. 

How do I transport my cake?

Cakes should never be put on the seat. We typically suggest flat on the floor of the passenger side or if in an SUV with air flow to the back, in the truck space area. Cakes are always given to our clients cold to make transport easier. Cakes depending on the size can take anywhere from 1-3 hours to come back to room temperature. 

don't like fondant. Can my cake be iced in buttercream?

          Yes! most of our cakes are iced in our swiss meringue buttercream on the outside. Our buttercream is much smoother and not too sweet which makes it a perfect pairing to any cake flavor. Some designs, such as marble cakes, will require fondant but most cakes can be done in buttercream.

Do you offer cake tastings?

Yes! Tastings are $20. Your tasting is confirmed when you pay the tasting fee. Tastings consist of 4 cake flavors and 5 filling options of your choice from our cake menu. We will automatically include our swiss meringue buttercream. Please show up on time and ready to eat some delicious cakes! if you need to reschedule, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance.  

How do I confirm my cake with you?

Once we go over the details of your cake, we require at least a half down deposit to save the date and confirm your cake. The remainder of the balance will be due at pick up. For wedding cakes, the total will be due 1 week before the wedding.

I want fresh flowers on my cake, Is this something you do?

We are happy to arrange fresh flowers on your cake but we do not provide flowers. For wedding cakes, we typically ask that the flowers are left on the cake table so we can arrange once we arrive on site. For specialty cakes, we ask that the flowers be brought into the bakery the day before the cake is due.

How many flavors can I do? 

Each tier may be a different flavor of cake. Cupcakes are limited to one flavor per dozen cupcakes. 

Do you offer cake stands?

Yes! We do have a variety of different cake stands for rent. To rent a stand we require a deposit of $150 made by check only. We hold on to the check while you use the stand for your event then we return the check to you once you return the stand, undamaged. If there is damage or the stand is not returned by the following Friday, we will cash the check. 

After I've placed my order may I make changes to the design or flavor of cake?

Changes will be accepted up until one week before the cake is due. After that, the cake is locked in and no further changes can be made.

Do we have to save the top tier of our wedding cake?

No! we actually give you a free anniversary cake on your one year anniversary so you'll have a fresh cake to enjoy! Just contact us a week before and we will make sure to make you up a fresh one!

Do we need to bring in our cake topper?

Cake toppers can actually just be left on the cake table and we will make sure to put it in the cake once we arrive.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. all credit card payments will have an additional 3.9% processing fee. Cash and check will not have this additional fee. We do not keep card numbers on file.

Do you have ready made cakes ?

        At this time, we do not keep ready-made cakes in our storefront.